Friday, December 2, 2011

a smack to the head.

Sometimes I find it very hard to be grateful.
And when that happens the Lord likes to smack me on my head.

Wednesday was a very loooonnngg day.
I didn't get into my dorm that I wanted to get into.
Apparently there was a lot of girls that wanted to move out of helaman too.

I have never witnessed anything like this in my life.
I would click on a room and the next minute it would be gone...
I wasnt a happy camper.

I was dead set on moving.
And I thought it would for sure happen.

So as you could see I was feeling pretty unthankful.
I had wanted to move so bad that I even had a hard time feeling thankful for the things I had.
Like my hall way.
And my twin.

However... that soon changed.
With Sydney fainting and being unable to walk.
Too Elise and me carrying her down the hall.
Too two boys giving her a beautiful blessing.
Too the girls being so nice and helpful.
Too the bishops wife who told us to bring her to the emergency room.
Too me scared and crying.

I am happy to say that my only regret about the hospital is that I didnt have my camera....
But the hospital was so much nicer then hospitals in Louisiana.
They got syd right in.

She couldnt really make sense so I told all the information.
And all that wonderful stuff.

I am so thankful for the girls in my hall that were there.
For Elise and Brent who stayed with me.

Friends really do mean a lot.
And that night made me see that I do have friends.
Sometimes I just need a smack in the head to see that.

Sydney ended up only having a urinary tract infection.
Which is apparently really bad for someone her size. lol
But Im glad it wasnt bad :]

Im thankful for that smack in the head.
and I'm happy where Im at.
I mean I could have ended up with some baaddd roommates..
Which would have stunk.
While here I have an awesome ward.
And someone that cleans and cooks.
Even if the food stinks...


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