Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haven't blogged in a while.

So... I haven't blogged in some time.
So I thought I'd catch ya'll up.
I've finished my second semester of college!!
It was a good one :]
In someways better then the first, but overall a completely different experience.

I wasn't an emotional wreck this time.
I mean I had some tough times, but college is hard!
Seriously... I didn't do quite as well as I  would have liked but I did wayyy better then I thought I'd do.
I slept a lot more this semester... Summer semester I never slept and when I went home I literally zonked out.
This time I cant sleep at alll.
I wake up at 7 on the dot every morning.

I learned a lot this semester.
I learned a lot about myself and my Savior.
Ive learned to love to read the scriptures.
We never really studied them at home, so when I started my Book of Mormon class I learned more then I ever have in my life.

I loved my dance class.
I hadnt danced since February and I felt it at first.
But I slowly improved.

I also had the best ward.
I loved my summer ward.
But this ward is amazing.
The thing about Helaman is you know all the girls in your relief society.
And you meet a lot more of the guys.

Ive realized I like meeting people.
I love having friends all over.
So next semester thats what Im going to do.
Make friends everywhere.
Preferably guys in heritage... they have kitchens ;)

I think the main thing that has hindered me both summer and fall was the fact that I wanted a best friend. I have awesome friends, dont get me wrong.
I have made some awesome best friends at BYU.
But something I've wanted since middle school is that one best friend that you do everything with.
I know I have one awesome built in best friend.. Sydney.
And she is awesome.
But I've always wanted that friend that I'm not related too.
Do you know what I mean?

I have Whitney and Mary-Catherine.
And they are the best friends that you can ever have.

So dont get me wrong.
I dont know how to explain it because it is hard too.
But I've never really fit in anywhere.
I get a long with everyone mostly.
But I still feel kinda distant from them.

But I should be more thankful.
And stop trying to force that friend.
I did that during the summer.
With a person that I wont name.
But Im going to realize that its okay just to have friends everywhere.
And start being more appreciative of the friends I do have.

I think I'll be a lot happier if I do that.

My sister is home :]
She had to come early from her mission.
She retore her ACL a year ago.
The doctor says its a miracle that she walked so long on it.
But God blessed her to finish the work that she needed to do.
And she did.
I have felt so many blessings from her going on a mission.
It was weird when she was released.
It made me sad...
But I'm glad that she is back :]
And I'm excited to go on my own mission.

I love being home. 
I love being with my family and being in Louisiana.
It feels so good outside :]
I got a new camera! 
A nikon d300.
It is beautiful!

Im excited to start the new semester.
To take the things that I have learned.
And to make it better :]

Heres so pics!

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