Friday, February 17, 2012


Im 20.
And I'm starting to get scared.
This time last year I found out that I was going to BYU.
It seems like yesterday...

Times flies.
SO fast.
I remember Facebook stalking my summer roommates.
And now its winter.
Im seriously going to miss freshman year...

I  love BYU.
Im so glad I stayed in Helaman.
Thanks you know who for convincing me to stay here. haha
Seriously though.
I ended up meeting people I needed to meet.
I love my ward.

BYU was nothing like I expected it to be.
Its better.
I feel the spirit everyday.
I have learned to love the gospel.
I have learned to want to be better.
The Lord has a funny way of making your plans His plans.

I had so many wants coming into BYU.
And none of them have come true.
BUT I never realized how much I would grow and learn.

And I have no idea whats ahead of me.
A mission.
I have so much I need to learn.

This was a weird birthday.
It was the first one away from home.
The first one when I actually felt a difference.
Its weird to say you're 20.
You actually feel grown up.
(even if sometimes I dont act grown up).

You realize that if you really wanted you could get married....
(I dont want that... haha)
You have to start caring about whats ahead.

I love my life.
I seriously do.
Again Im excited for the next stage.

Even if I'm slightly scared.
BUT freshman year isnt over yet :)
I plan to make it awesome.

Love you guys!

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