Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Call

Dear Sister Powell...

I have always known I was going to serve a mission.
I have known it since I was 6.
Which in my opinion is always knowing.
My parents have pretty much imbedded it in my mind.
It was always "serve your mission and then get married after many years." haha
 But I've always known that it isn't expected of me.
That my parents would have been proud of any choice I made.

Yet I knew it was what the Lord wanted for me.

I was held back in kindergarten.
Why am I bringing this up you ask?
Because this is why serving a mission has always been so easy for me.

I have always been older so being 21 and leaving my sophomore year of college would be easy.

SO sophomore year came! 
And I started my papers!
October 17th would be the day I turn them in :)

and then General Conference happened.
And the lives for many young boys and girls changed forever.
The boys age changed to 18.
The girls to 19.

For all my friends who always wanted to serve yet the dumb awkward age of 21 
made it so hard.
For all my EFY kids who get to go so much earlier now!
For the girls who never thought about serving yet now will!
For the work to go so much faster!
For and most importantly the young kids of the church and my future children.

I cant even imagine how great this will be.
This call was made for them I feel like more then it was for us.

I cant wait to tell my children about this one day :) 

I am so glad though that this change didnt happen my senior year of high school!
I would have left and never thought twice about it!
I would have missed out on so many growing opportunities that I very much needed.
an the hardships that come with it. 


Back to the age change.

 This change made it a little hard for me. hahahaha
So many girls and guys finished their papers in about one week!
And Syds papers were delayed.
(Her pulse was to high)
So I had to wait over a month for my call.
But thats okay (it still stressed me out though. lol) :)
I was able to open it up with Sydney.

My call came on November 14, 2012
I ran home after my first class to get it.
Mack the mail man had already sent Syd a text saying it was there.

 I held it my hands and honestly the long wait was worth it.
I was supposed to wait until 9 at night to open it.
But my mom said she couldn't stay up that latee...
So I opened it early :D

Im glad I did too.
 I loved only having my family there.

I got Syd out of work and we went to Kenzie's to open it.

The moment I opened it.
I knew my Heavenly Father loved me.
I felt such warmth and peace.
My call was made for me.
I know it's where I am supposed to go.

I can not wait to serve my Heavenly Father.

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